Newcombe Foundation Scholarship Challenge

What is the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship Challenge?

The Charlotte  W. Necombe foundation has joined forces with Douglass Residential College to help inspire mature women ages 25 and older to receive a four-year college degree. The Newcombe foundation is helping Douglass to establish a scholarship endowment fund for mature women students at Douglass.

The Challenge: Douglass Residential College must raise $7,000 from donors towards the scholarship to receive a matching gift from The Newcombe Foundation.

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About The Charolotte W. Newcombe Foundation

The Charlotte  W. Necombe Foundation helps to provide financial relief for mature female students who otherwise would not be able to complete a four year degree without scholarship aid in a timely manner.

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About the Mary I. Bunting Program at Douglass

"We know that adult students often juggle complex demands, including work, childcare, or eldercare. We help each student plan a...program that will work for her individual needs."

The Mary I. Bunting program at Douglass Residential College is offered to encourage women who are beyond the conventional college an opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree at Rutgers. The Bunting program encompasses the needs of an adult student and provides an extremely supportive community of diverse women reach a common goal.