Project SUPER



Project SUPER (Science for Undergraduates: A Program for Excellence in Research) is a STEM-focused enrichment program that offers undergraduate women the opportunity to actively participate in academic research. Students in Project SUPER have access to peer mentors, monthly STEM-related workshops, an Introduction to Scientific Research course, a research stipend for summer research, special STEM travel grants, and exceptional academic support.

Aspects include:

  • Professional development activities for undergraduates in their first year

  •  An orientation to introduce students to university labs and talk with faculty and upper-year Douglass women in STEM

  • Academic development and leadership opportunities

  • Peer mentoring with members of the Research Advisory Board (link to STEM Student Leadership page)

Students participating in the program are required to register for the "Introduction to Scientific Research" (ISR) course which outlines the many components necessary for conducting research. The course also places students in a research project for five hours per week.

The Project SUPER experience continues through all four years at Rutgers. Select students can also apply for a stipend to continue their research over the summer through the STEM Summer Stipend Program. Professional development activities engage students in networking, participation in conferences, and presentation of research. Project SUPER also provides academic support including peer-to-peer support, study groups, social activities, tutoring, and mentoring programs.


Please find the Spring 2020 Project SUPER Application for the Introduction to Scientific Research (ISR) Course here.  Applications are due Friday, December 6th, 2019 by 3:00 pm. 

The 2020 STEM Summer Stipend Application will open in March 2020.


For more information please contact:

Nicole Wodzinski
Director, STEM Research Programs
Director, Reilly-Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community