The Douglass Project for Women in STEM

Innovation Inside and Outside the Classroom


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Established in 1986, the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in STEM provides community, support and encouragement for undergraduate women pursuing degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Douglass Project provides women in the STEM-related fields with personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities through support systems that encourage women to recognize their abilities, attain their educational goals, and ultimately pursue careers in the STEM fields.




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The Student Experience

Since the inception of the Douglass Project, we have expanded to include a wide number of initiatives intended to support the needs of women STEM students. The Douglass Project offers mentoring, opportunities in undergraduate research in STEM, living-learning communities, leadership opportunities, and additional programs designed to enhance academic, professional, and personal development, many of which offer alumna industry connections and networking opportunities.





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Student Testimonials

"It is both fulfilling and challenging. It is completely different working hands on in a lab than in lecture. Every day I go into lab, I leave feeling accomplished. I know the work my lab does is innovative and meaningful" - Ariana Belton




Douglass Project Programs