International Exchanges in STEM

Through a new collaboration with the GAIA Center for International Programs, the Douglass Project supports international women interested in pursuing research in the STEM fields as part of the Science Without Borders program. This partnership encourages women from international programs to engage in Douglass Project programs while at Rutgers.

The Douglass Project is a proud partner of the NeXXt Scholars Initiative. This program expands opportunities for young women from Muslim-majority countries to obtain a world-class undergraduate education in STEM fields in the United States by partnering with women’s colleges that focus on developing women leaders in the sciences. In addition, U.S. women’s colleges offer an all-female living environment that may be more culturally acceptable for some student’s families. The NeXXt Scholars Initiative provides mentorship, networking support and enrichment activities for International NeXXt Scholars and their American STEM-Sisters.

For more information please contact:
Beth Bors
Coordinator, Residential & Pre-College Programs for Women in STEM