Giving to Douglass

All gifts made to Douglass Residential College are transferred to accounts held by Douglass Residential College.


There are five main funds available for gifts, which are described below.  We can also work with you if there is another area of interest at Douglass for your charitable giving.

  • Where the Need is Greatest - the Douglass Residential College Excellence Fund - Your financial support will give the Dean much-needed funds for the college's innovative programs and student opportunities.  Help empower Douglass students to claim their college education, to establish a place in the world and to pioneer the future. 
  • Douglass Student Scholarship Support - Scholarships ensure that talented students have the financial support they need to achieve their dreams and fully immerse themselves in the Douglass experience.
  • Educating Women Global Leaders at Douglass - Douglass Residential College helps women become globally conscious individuals who can step into any role. Among the college's renowned international programs is the Global Village, a living-learning community where students work together to explore cultural topics.
  • Advancing Women in STEM at Douglass - Since 1986, Douglass Residential College has been at the forefront of helping women forge careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Its nationally recognized Douglass Project offers students enriching living-learning programs and hands-on undergraduate research opportunities.
  • The BOLD Center at Douglass - Leadership and Career Development for Women (Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development) - Provides the college's highly-regarded programs in leadership, mentoring, career and personal development.  Women are empowered to make their mark from the moment they become part of Douglass by taking women's leadership courses and exploring the college's well-known externship opportunities, career conferences, and job skills workshops.  The BOLD Center works closely with Douglass students to ensure they develop a personalized set of tools and skills to thrive and succeed, both during their time at Douglass and Rutgers and throughout their lives.


  1. To make a gift online to Douglass Residential College, click on the red button below:                                                                                                                     
  2. To send a check by mailPlease make the check payable to Rutgers University Foundation and send it to: 

         Douglass Residential College  
         Office of Development
         College Hall, Room 302
         125 George Street

         New Brunswick, NJ 08901


For all gifts made directly to Douglass Residential College:  a portion of these gifts will be used to fund further advancement efforts on behalf of Rutgers through the Rutgers University Foundation, which is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization and the fundraising arm of the university.  The sole mission of the Foundation is to support Rutgers and its individual schools and units.

To speak to someone about giving to Douglass Residential College, contact: 
Maureen Mollahan, Assistant Dean of Advancement
Phone:  848-932-3041