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FAQS on Settlement Agreement with the AADC

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the status of Douglass today?

Douglass Residential College is thriving. Douglass is open to both residential and commuter students, and enrolls 2,400 women from majors and schools across Rutgers University. Students participate in an innovative array of curricular and co-curricular programs, including the honors college and programs, scientific research experiences, national and international service travel, and leadership programs. Ten percent of the recent graduating class were elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and 50 percent of incoming students intend to declare a major in STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

Students can enhance their Douglass experience with specialized living-learning communities, including the Global Village themed houses and the Bunting-Cobb Residence Hall for Women in STEM and the new BOLD Center at Douglass, which is a cutting-edge program focused on students’ career and leadership development. The College’s new strategic plan has just been developed to chart the course for the next seven years of success. 


2. Why was mediation necessary?

The goal was to create better alignment with the AADC in the areas of fundraising practices and financial transparency. Mediation and subsequent discussions were held in good faith and all parties wanted a clear outline of the desired changes for the path forward. We are very pleased to have come to an agreement with the AADC.


3. Why did the mediation process take so long?

All parties involved felt it was critical that the mediation process and subsequent discussions be given the time and respect they needed in order to reach a positive outcome. There were numerous details to discuss and it was important - for the future of Douglass and the AADC - to get this process right. 


4. When will changes outlined in the agreement take effect?

For the most part, all organizations will begin operating under the terms outlined in the agreement effective immediately. Some projects may take a little time to transition, or a fundraising activity may require some clarification.


Student & Alumnae Relations


5. How will the AADC and DRC work together to engage Douglass alumnae? 

Douglass and AADC will both be focused on creating unique programming for alumnae to strengthen the experience of our alumnae. The College will focus on enhancing the tie between DRC alumnae, students and the College. At times the AADC will coordinate programs and events separately from DRC and at times they may come together. In the coming weeks and months, we will provide more details on how the College will support and engage Douglass alumnae.


6. What will happen to the externship program and student scholarships? 

All student programs and scholarships will remain in full effect. The University is committed to DRC and supports these programs completely. Douglass alumnae will continue to be the primary sponsors of externship sites and mentorship, and we have added options for students to do externships with other Rutgers University alumnae and with external professionals. The Douglass Externship Experience is fully integrated with the College’s curriculum, which is directed by education professionals. We greatly value the externship program and understand its importance to our students and alumnae.




The Douglass Annual Fund no longer exists. No unit can accept funds given for the Douglass Annual Fund. Douglass has a new annual giving program that allows you to give directly to Douglass for its student programs, student scholarships, and our many innovative programs such as career development, STEM, Global Village, and leadership programs, that support the education of our current students. You will receive mailings from the Rutgers University Foundation and calls from our current Douglass students to give you the opportunity to give directly to the College. Because AADC will also be doing an annual appeal to support their operations and alumnae programs, please be sure to clarify what your gift will support before you make a donation. 


8. How will Douglass Residential College raise funds moving forward?

AADC will no longer actively raise funds for the College or programs. All fundraising for DRC will take place through the College and the funds will come directly to the College. DRC will have a new DRC/Douglass Annual Giving Program and will raise support through major gifts, bequests, stocks, and other means of supporting the College and its students. You can be assured that all gifts donated to Douglass will go directly to support the College’s mission. 

College fundraising will be led by the Dean of the College and supported by her staff, as is standard practice among higher education institutions in the nation. The Dean will have a dedicated office of “Institutional Advancement,” with a Senior Director of Advancement, a Director of Development, and an Alumnae-Student Relations Officer. The Rutgers University Foundation (RUF) will provide the College with resources and support for a broadened and professional fundraising operation moving forward.


9. What will Douglass Residential College raise funds to support? 

Douglass Residential College will be responsible for raising all funds for the College. The fundraising will support student scholarships as well as the College’s programmatic priorities, including Douglass women’s advancement in science, technology, engineering, and math, career development, Global Village international service learning, leadership training, and other major initiatives and priorities.


10. What will the AADC raise funds to support?

The AADC will raise funds for its own alumnae programming and AADC operations. While the AADC will not be raising funds for the College under this new agreement, they will raise funds for graduate school fellowships.


11. What is the difference between DRC annual giving efforts and the AADC annual giving efforts?

The primary difference is what funds raised through these efforts will support. Through the college’s new Annual Giving Program, all annual gifts to Douglass/DRC go directly to the College’s student programs, scholarships, and other educational and program priorities at DRC. The College will reach out to alumnae and friends of Douglass with its new Annual Giving Program through direct mail, email, and telefund calls to ask for support of the programmatic priorities of the College. 

Annual gifts to the AADC will support their alumnae programs, graduate school fellowships and AADC administrative operations. The AADC will continue to manage its own annual giving efforts.


12. Can I be confident that funds given through Rutgers University Foundation will go directly to Douglass Residential College?

Yes, you can. Designating your gift to Douglass ensures that your gift goes directly to the College and her students. Gifts should be made payable to Douglass Residential College. Please note that the Rutgers University Foundation will process your gift and send you the gift receipt. If you have additional question regarding giving to Douglass, please contact Denise Wagner at Douglass by email,, or by telephone at 848-932-3030, as the AADC no longer raises funds for Douglass. 


13. What happens to the money I have donated that is already with the AADC?

The AADC will continue to hold an endowment in support of Douglass (called the “Douglass Fund”), but its fundraising role will now be focused on alumnae events and AADC operations and fellowships for graduate students. Income distributions from funds that are currently in the endowment held by AADC will be sent to DRC each year, as is current practice. 


14. What if I want to add to my scholarship or program account I gave to the AADC?

If you’ve donated to a specific named scholarship or program, the Rutgers University Foundation has created accounts that allow you to donate to the same scholarship/program as you did with the AADC and give you the confidence of knowing how and where the gift is used. Under the new model, you can be assured that all donations made to the College through the RUF will go directly to fund DRC.


15. If I give to Douglass through the Rutgers University Foundation, will my gift be subject to a Gift Assessment Fee?

Moving forward, all gifts to RUF and to AADC will be subject to the Gift Assessment Fee. This is a widely used practice in public higher education, and we adhere to that same model. The fee is 5 percent for gifts of $10,000+, and 10 percent for gifts of less than $10,000. The rest of the donation goes directly to support the interest designated by the donor. 


16. Why can’t I give for Douglass students or student programs through the AADC? 

The AADC will continue to support Douglass by raising funds for its alumnae programming. Through the mediation process, all parties agreed that any new dollars or new funds for Douglass student scholarships and programs will go directly through the RUF. 


17. How do I fulfill my pledge made to AADC for the benefit of Douglass?

The AADC may accept gifts or donations into the Douglass Fund in satisfaction of certain pledges and/or gift agreements that were made in writing prior to April 20, 2015, including pledges and/or gift agreements for scholarships, and that were agreed to by the Parties at the time of execution of this Agreement, and for which supporting documentation exists establishing the pre April 20, 2015, date and the amount of the pledge and/or gift agreement.


18. How do I make a gift for the College through the RUF? 

The easiest way to give is via our online giving link. You can also support the College by sending a check or consulting with the College’s development office. You can contact Denise Wagner at 848-932-3030.


19. How can I make a matching gift?

You can make a matching gift to DRC, as the college is an educational institution. Contact the AADC for information about matching gift eligibility for funds donated to their organization.