Events for Students

Douglass has events year-round for students and their families. Whether you are a prospective student exploring college options, are recently admitted to Rutgers (congratulations!), have recently chosen to become a member of Douglass, or a current Douglass woman, we offer many ways to engage with our community.

Get the inside scoop on college life at one of Douglass’s events for prospective students! Read more »
Congratulations on making the decision to take advantage of all that Rutgers has to offer by joining Douglass Residential College! Welcome to our distinct supportive community of over 1800 women like you. Douglass is committed to guiding you through the college process, and the events for newly enrolled students are designed to make this transition into your new home even smoother. Read more »
As Douglass Residential College maintains its past traditions, three annual events date back to the early days of the college: Convocation, Sacred Path, and Yule Log. Read more »