Events for Continuing Douglass Students

Yule Log - Celebrating 100 years!

Yule Log began in 1918 when the students, approaching their first winter holiday season, asked to illuminate a tree and burn a yule log in College Hall's foyer fireplace. The students stood with candles on the beautiful curved staircase nearby and sang Christmas carols. Today, Yule Log, held in Voorhees Chapel, embraces a diversity of seasonal celebrations and many cultures, religions, and traditions. Just as the Douglass women did 90 years ago, our students will hold candles, sing songs, and read passages that highlight the Douglass community and the advent of the winter season.

Sacred Path

This tradition began in the spring of 1919 when the Douglass students and faculty decided to gather at the end of the academic year to celebrate the “moving up” of the classes. At the very first ceremony, first-year students officially became sophomores as they were escorted down Sacred Path by the upper-class women. The walking of Sacred Path by all students has been an unbroken tradition in the college’s history. Today, the ceremony includes speeches, student awards and the distribution of class charms.

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Spring Convocation for Graduating Students
Congratulations to graduating seniors! Douglass will hold its annual Convocation on Saturday, May 12, 2018, on Antilles Field, next to the Voorhees Chapel on Douglass Campus.

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Project Super

Global Village Open Houses