Sacred Path

Special Centennial event: 99th Annual Sacred Path

Sunday, April 29 2018 | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Location: Voorhees Chapel, Sacred Path

Since the spring of 1919, Douglass students, staff, and faculty have gathered at the end of the academic year to celebrate the “moving up” of the classes, when first-year students officially become sophomores, sophomores become juniors, and juniors become seniors. In the early days, first-year students were not allowed to walk along the path between College Hall and George Street—the Sacred Path—until the night of the ceremony, when they were escorted by upper-class women. Today, our ceremony includes student awards, the distribution of class charms, the ceremonial walking of Sacred Path by torchlight, and participation in the Old Pinecone Tradition. Join your class—wearing your respective class colors, and fellow alumnae, and receive the charm that symbolizes your class or alumnae status during this cherished Douglass event. The event will be followed by a cake reception.

Sacred Path Colors and Charms

First Year; Color: White; Charm: Lantern

The light inside the lantern is the knowledge that illuminates the world around you. As Douglass women, it will burn brightly and grow with intensity throughout your life. True light burns White, which is the color of the First Year class.

Sophomore; Color: Pink; Charm: Clock

The clock is a symbol of your time here at Douglass. The color Pink is to remind you to embrace every day to the fullest, as well as the opportunities that come along with it.

Junior; Color: Red; Charm: Key

The key is to be carried with you throughout your upcoming senior year, and far beyond that. The Junior Class color is Red, which symbolizes energy, courage, passion and leadership.

Senior; Color: Black; Charm: Mortarboard

Seniors wear black to symbolize their passage through not only all of the Sacred Path colors, but also to commemorate the experiences you have had here at Douglass.

Alumnae; Color: Green; Charm: Ivy

The ivy leaf symbolizes the intertwining and continual growth of our sisterhood as Alumnae of Douglass. The green represents tranquility, health, peace and life.