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Externship Info Session

Thursday, September 28 2017 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Location: Kathleen W. Ludwig Building (Schonberg)

The BOLD Center at Rutgers – Douglass for Leadership, Career and Personal Development, is partnering with companies to provide professional development for women students through externships. Externships provide our students with a chance to ‘try on a career’ while matched with a professional.

  • College staff work closely with each mentor to help set up the week and make an appropriate match for both the student and the mentor.
  • The selected student extern will observe and work on-site at the company with a mentor or team for one to two weeks during the students’ January or March vacation breaks.
  • A typical student extern experience includes taking on a project that can be completed within the short time frame, observing the mentors, attending meetings and assisting with job-related processes. 
  • We provide training to the student externs prior to their arrival at their mentors’ offices, giving them a thorough preparation in the expectations of their workplaces and ensuring that they are equipped to be professional and productive.
  • We encourage our mentors to challenge our students by providing them with a project or an opportunity to present research findings to the team or executives at the end of the week.