DRC Environmental Living-Learning Community House

DRC Environmental  Living-Learning Community House (Woodbury)

Live among other Douglass and School of Environmental and Biological Sciences students interested in engaging in innovative programs in topics related to the environment providing you the opportunity to broaden your interests in different areas of study. Located in the newly renovated Woodbury Residence Hall, this Living Learning Community will allow you to use your science foundation to understand real world environmental problems and solutions.

As part of this community students will be required to enroll in a 3 credit course which will explore current environmental issues and solutions in a scientific context with a focus on their impacts on women and women’s health.

Students in this community will have special opportunities for internships, community impact projects, and field trips to environmental work sites and conferences.  A Graduate Mentor dedicated to this community will assist the students to set academic and personal goals as well as model the transition from undergraduate to graduate school.  Also as part of this community students will have all access to a fully networked computer lab and printer located in the connecting Bunting-Cobb Residence Hall.  And as part of the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering, students in the Environmental House will receive all of the supportive programming offered as part of their Douglass membership.

Click Here to apply to the DRC/SEBS Environmental LLC.


  • Graduate Student mentoring
  • Mentoring to ease the transition to college
  • In-house tutoring and study groups (located in the connecting Bunting-Cobb wing)
  • Computer lab and printers (locate in the connecting Bunting-Cobb wing)
  • Academic & Professional Development seminars/workshop
  • Faculty Roundtables
  • Field trips to enhance learning experience
  • Located in the newly renovated Woodbury Residence Hall
  • 3 Credit House Course (mandatory for all students in the community)


  • First-year DRC students in SEBS only.

 For more information please contact;

Beth Bors at bbors@echo.rutgers.edu