Douglass Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN)

The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) is a national consortium of women’s colleges working together to prepare women for public leadership.  PLEN believes that women’s participation is critical in shaping public policy in communities, the nation, and the world.  PLEN is committed to preparing women leaders as elected and appointed officials at all levels, as advocates for community organizations and interest groups, as heads of public interest research groups, and as staff members working with public officials and agencies formulating policy.  The seminars, conferences, and internships offered by PLEN are designed for this purpose.

Featured Program: Douglass in DC - National PLEN Programs

In coordination with the national PLEN program in Washington, D.C., Douglass in DC creates opportunities for students to attend seminars in D.C. with women students from across the country.  These seminars are a way of introducing students to the variety of paths one may take within the vast public policy arena.  Students hear from extraordinary women in leadership positions in fields such as law, business, non-profit advocacy, science & technology, and international relations.  Students build their network, leadership experience, and resumes as they connect and learn from these incredible mentors

Check out the upcoming seminars for this year!

  Women Unlocking Nonprofits


Women and Congress
Women, Business, and Policy Women in Global Policy


DRC students may apply for special funding for the seminar which will cover most costs.  PLEN also offers scholarships for each seminar.  To apply, stop by College Hall, Room 204 for an application.

Douglass Students in front of the US Supreme Court Building at the Women, Law & Legal Advocacy Seminar
(where they may one day argue a groundbreaking case, or sit on the bench!)