The Douglass Campus

Douglass is a beautiful and historic campus at Rutgers. The Douglass Campus is home to many academic departments in both the School of Arts and Sciences and the Mason Gross School of Arts, as well as research centers such as the nationally prominent Eagleton Institute for Politics.

Living on the Douglass Campus, your "home away from home" at Rutgers, is an important part of your ongoing association with Douglass Residential College. You will be at the heart of a cooperative environment that encourages your personal growth but is also enriched by your unique contributions.  Highly trained Douglass students, called Peer Academic Leaders, live in-residence and serve as a major resource for all of your academic needs.

Housing on the intimate Douglass Campus is within walking distance from all essential amenities. Being in close proximity to important facilities and services means you’re never far from a meal, a bus stop, a place to study, an adviser, a lounge to hang out in, a computer lab, and other conveniences. Neilson Dining Hall, Cook/Douglass Recreation Center, Mabel Smith Douglass Library, College Hall, and the Douglass Campus Center are just steps away.

If you have questions about Douglass Residential College housing please contact
Merylou Rodriguez
Director of Scholarships and Housing