The Douglass Bunting-Newcombe Foundation Relationship

In honor of Tom Wilfrid, Executive Director, and Diane Wilfrid, Program Director, of The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation, who are retiring at the end of 2016 after nine years of distinguished service, gifts may be made by clicking on the link below to the Bunting-Newcombe Endowed Scholarship Fund at Douglass Residential College.  Since 1981, the Newcombe Foundation has provided $65.4 million in scholarships and fellowships in higher education.  Douglass Residential College is grateful to the Newcombe Foundation for its longstanding and significant scholarship support of the Douglass Bunting students, our non-traditional age women students.

In honor of Tom and Diane Wilfrid, CLICK HERE TO DONATE to the Bunting-Newcombe Endowed Scholarship Fund at Douglass Residential College.


  • The Mary I. Bunting Program at Douglass supports non-traditional age women students throughout their college career, focusing on their specific academic, mentoring and social needs as adult students. Started in 1958 by Dean Mary Bunting, this program was the first of its kind in the U.S. to help mature college women.  Read Here about Dean Bunting and her groundbreaking program.
  • Douglass non-traditional age students appreciate the opportunities that the Bunting Program offers these women to meet one another and share their journey and unique experiences as older adults in college.
  • The Douglass Bunting program provides highly regarded one-on-one advising, scholarship support, leadership and career development programs, the Sophia Club and regular social events, the Sophia House, which is year-round housing on campus, and the Bunting Lounge in the student center.


  • Many non-traditional age women are returning to college. Some couldn’t afford college after high school or had to stop before completing their degree. Others have been laid off from work or have lost a spouse or partner, while others are fulfilling a dream to study a particular academic field to start a new and more promising career.
  • Douglass Residential College for women at Rutgers University has 150-200 non-traditional age women students each year, who are immersing themselves in their academic studies to make a better life for themselves and their families.
  • Scholarship funds are critically important for these women, who are struggling to pay for tuition and other college costs, along with their living expenses (and often expenses of other family members) - and not take on excessive debt in the process.
  • 91% of non-traditional age students at Douglass are receiving financial aid, and 80% of this group have student loans for this school year alone that are averaging $9,610 per student.  This figure does not include other years of loans that these women may have incurred - or will need to incur - to earn their degree here at Rutgers. More scholarship support would allow these women to reduce their student loans immediately.
  • Gifts to the Bunting-Newcombe Endowed Scholarship Fund increase scholarships for Douglass non-traditional age students and will have a tremendous impact on these bright, hardworking women and their families - Scholarships Transform Women's Lives.