Current Students

Hello from Jacquelyn Litt, Ph.D., Dean of Douglass Residential College and Douglass Campus.

Douglass inspires.
Douglass is personalized education.
Douglass is your home at Rutgers.

All of you are enrolled in one of Rutgers' academic schools. In today’s complex world, residential colleges offer a small, accessible approach to your education. Through our distinct arrangement – residential college within a major world-class university – you can appreciate the synergy that comes with combining the experience at Rutgers with a small community at Douglass to enhance the educational experience. Douglass sets a high standard for student achievement, provides opportunities for involvement in leadership and community service, offers a sanctuary for self-reflection, and forges new learning approaches that students can use in their academic course work.

Douglass Residential College (DRC) has distinguished itself through a program geared to removing barriers for women in higher education, to promoting the values of diversity and cross-cultural communications, and to ensuring that New Jersey, and all of society, has a greater understanding of the ways women learn, think, work, and succeed. The students of Douglass Residential College have enrolled in an educational program that inspires and empowers women’s excellence.
The DRC experience combines educational, career-oriented, social, and residential experiences that help women discover their talents and strengths while connecting them to a close-knit community of motivated and inspiring women.

The educational experience created by the staff is one shaped by mutual respect and interaction with students. It is truly an evolving experiment in living and learning. Most important, the Douglass curriculum challenges women to engage and to strive, every day.

Douglass students aim high and and lean in!