Community Engagement

Douglass Residential College students have the opportunity to further their education by performing community service through a variety of programs. Participating in the community in this way enhances a student’s sense of civic responsibility and community.

In the fall of 2014, Douglass Residential College (DRC), the women’s college at Rutgers-New Brunswick established Transforming Cultures Initiative: Douglass Residential College Responds to Gender-Based Violence. With strong partnerships in the local community and at Rutgers, including national leaders in bystander intervention; 2,400 women student leaders; and faculty and staff committed to women’s leadership, Douglass has committed to fostering dialogue, education, and awareness about gender-based violence locally, nationally, and globally. The program collaborates with: Read more »
In the "Advancing Community Development" course, selected Douglass students have the opportunity to work with a female mentor employed by Johnson & Johnson on a project that builds the organization of a local New Brunswick nonprofit organization. This course provides training in corporate practices, instills the value of community involvement and provides an understanding of the way community nonprofits operate. Read more »