Charge to the Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is charged with developing a strategic plan to chart the future of Douglass Residential College (DRC) as an institution dedicated to women’s education and leadership, to realize its unique role within Rutgers, in New Jersey and as a voice in the national and international dialogue on issues related to the success of women as professionals, leaders, citizens and individuals.

Courtney McAnuff, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Joanna Regulska, Vice President for International Affairs, have agreed to serve as co-chairs. To assist the committee, we have engaged the services of an external consultant, Adelaide Ferguson, who has been involved in a number of strategic planning processes, including at Rutgers University.

The role of the committee is to synthesize, integrate, and effectively communicate the input and ideas generated by the entire DRC community through a plan to be submitted to the Dean for her final approval in early September 2015.

The Douglass Residential College strategic plan will build on and refine the central elements of the DRC mission and establish a vision that will be articulated into five to seven strategic priorities and related operational initiatives to attain the vision. The committee will draw on key directions from other strategic planning initiatives recently undertaken by Rutgers University and Rutgers University–New Brunswick as well as input from the Douglass community and external informants to provide context and direction. The goal is articulate a path that focuses on the learning and success of Douglass women and the contributions that this unique public women’s college can make to Rutgers, New Jersey, the nation and the world.

The committee will conduct an open and consultative process to solicit the best ideas from all members of the community. In preparation for this process and to make the best use of the time and talent on the Strategic Planning Committee, we have already begun gathering background information that will assist the committee in its thinking.