Alumna Spotlight–Nicole Ramos DRC’17

Alumna Spotlight–Nicole Ramos DRC’17

Alumna Spotlight–Nicole Ramos DRC’17


Nicole Ramos DRC’17 graduated from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. Upon graduation, she has served as a college advisor as part of New York University’s (NYU) College Advising Corp, a nonprofit committed to increasing the number of underrepresented, low income and first-generation students who apply, are accepted and persist in college, in New York City. She is simultaneously pursuing her Masters in Bilingual School Counseling at NYU and hopes to continue serving in the college access field in the years to come. At Douglass, Nicole served as the head chairwoman for Red Pine Ambassadors, a BOLD intern, a Barbara Voorhees mentor, and a Douglass Orientation Committee member.

What role did Douglass play in your college experience and beyond?

Douglass played the biggest role in my college experience by setting the foundation. Being surrounded by supportive and incredible staff, as well being blown away by my fellow Douglass peers, I felt like it was possible to do anything. I was constantly inspired by my peers and motivated to continue working towards my personal best, both at DRC and in the wider Rutgers community. I created some of my closest friends my freshman year in Woodbury Bunting Cobb, and learned a lot about myself through the numerous organizations and campus events meant to empower women.  In addition, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a Douglass scholarship each year that allowed me to continue studying.

What are some of your favorite Douglass memories?

One of my favorite Douglass memories was my first summer training for Red Pine Ambassadors. Through bandana wars, learning the rich DRC history and helping out at convocation it was an unforgettable weekend! Another memory was helping to plan and then attending the Douglass Pine Leadership Retreat.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet other Douglass student leaders and learn from their practices and identities.

What does Douglass mean to you?

Douglass means a sense of familiarity and belonging. Whenever I hear that someone went to Douglass there is an automatic genuine connection. It is so easy to compare happy memories and recall Douglass traditions. Even now when I connect with friends from DRC, we pick up right where we left off. We are supportive of our goals and confident in our abilities to reach them. There is nothing greater than being surrounded by driven and passionate women.