Academic Programs


Living & Learning Together

Academic programs within Douglass Residential College range from individual courses (for academic credit) to co-curricular programs that enhance class-based learning. Our mission course, “Issues in Women’s Leadership” (01:988:130), is a 3-credit course taken by all Douglass students and open to non-Douglass students at Rutgers.


Douglass Course (our mission course):

Students examine challenges and opportunities confronting women and are encouraged to become active and engaged learners and to think critically about their own goals in education.


Global Village House Courses:

If you live in one of the houses in Douglass’ Global Village, you’ll take a 1.5 credit course on the house’s theme.


Douglass Honors Program:

A close-knit community in Jameson Hall.


Introduction to Scientific Research:

A necessary beginning for any woman in STEM, this course includes a research project.


Douglass Global STEM:

Both innovation and careers in STEM are international.


Barbara Voorhees Mentoring Course:

Student mentors in this program take "Mentoring: Leadership in Practice" (01:988:299) to gain nuanced understanding of different leadership theories and models.


Computer Science:

Students in the Douglass Computer Science Living-Learning Community on the Busch Campus take a 1-credit course exploring the frontiers of computing science.


Engineering Explorations:

If you’re intrigued by the problem-solving skill of engineers, this program will help you see if this career is for you.